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Services in Moto Mobile

Services in Moto Mobile

Motorola Power/Volume Button Replacement

Issues - Moto Power Button in Mobile

  • Moto Mobile not turning ON.
  • Phone heats up notwithstanding when power is killed, furthermore not power ON.
  • Automatically Power OFF itself.
  • Mobile switches OFF when a particular application is entered.

Reasons of Problems

  • The issue may be with your phone's battery.
  • Any application may bring about power issues on your phone.
  • The voltage at battery's terminal may be lower than the standard voltage.
  • Power catch strip may be broken.
  • Phone parts may be water damaged.
  • Power IC might be flawed.
  • Circuits may be short.


Charge your phone for around 25 minutes and attempt to turn it on once more, in any case, ensure that phone battery is charging legitimately.

Mobile switches OFF When Any Specific App is executed

Hard reset your phone and check.

For Random Phone OFF or When App is executed

Uninstall that application which is bringing on the issue and check.

Equipment Solution

  • You have to check voltage at battery's closures, yet ensure that you charge your phone's battery for no less than 15 minutes.
  • If the voltage at the battery terminals is lower than the standard one then change your phone's battery and check.
  • Check battery for any drops of water damage, if there are hints of water harm then clean it.
  • If the battery is charging appropriately however the phone is not turning ON then the following you have to replace power button strip, as this may likewise be the reason for the issue. In the wake of supplanting force catch, check the status of the issue. (Control catch strip additionally incorporates Volume catches and Camera catch).
  • Check all capacitors for any water damage or it is possible that they are short or not, on the off chance that any of them is water damaged or short, replace it.
  • Now Check the association of Capacitor–1 with the +VE terminal of the battery, if there is no association then change Capacitor – 1.
  • Check Transistor with the assistance of a multimeter; supplant it in the event that it is observed to be flawed.
  • Now check the connection between Capacitor – 2 and the +VE terminal of the battery, replace it on the off chance that it is observed to be the blame.
  • If you have replaced Capacitor–2 and it is still observed to be flawed then you change Power IC. Tenderly warmth Power IC after Check, on the off chance that it is as yet giving a similar issue, supplant it.
  • If you are taking care of comparable issue even in the wake of replacing Power IC, then it implies your phone's board is water damaged. Inspect your whole phone's board for any drops of water damage, clean and expel all the influenced areas and check. It will tackle this issue.

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