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Services in Moto Mobile

Services in Moto Mobile

Motorola Phone Battery Drain and Overheating

Motorola Mobile is without a doubt known to be a standout amongst the most excellent phones offered by Motorola. Ordinarily, It doesn't have any issue, be that as it may, a great number of clients have whined that they are confronting quick battery deplete and overheating issues in their new Mobile. We as a whole realize that Smartphone's batteries aren't that great, yet incite battery drain and overheating is without a doubt the issue.


  • Phone battery drains at much higher pace.
  • Motorola turns out to be to a great degree hot amid utilization.
  • Phone heats up during charging.

Reasons of Problems

  • This happens when you utilize an alternate charger pin to charge your phone. Utilize unique Motorola charger.
  • Usage of the phone during charging may likewise be the reason for the Issue.
  • Some heavy applications take a ton of charges and may likewise contribute in heating up your phone.
  • A good number of applications are running out of sight, bringing on the phone to lose charge after some time, this likewise contributes in heating up your phone.
  • Usage of outdated OS or prior firmware likewise causes.
  • Outdated applications can likewise be the reason for this issue.
  • Your phone battery can likewise be damaged.

Potential Solutions

You have to do some following steps:

Go to Settings.

From that point to "Battery Saver" alternative (Check it).

Nonetheless, when you can enact battery saver choice you will get just a predetermined number of updates and will likewise avert different applications to work out of sight and also.

Leave all the applications that are not being used.

Turn the Wi-Fi and Data Bundle off when not being used, this will likewise help in putting something aside for battery.

Check your phone OS or applications that they are overhauled or not. They will get the comparable issue.

Additionally, Check that you don't have any delinquent applications installed/running on your phone, all things considered kind of applications causes most issues including battery drain, lag issues, phone heat up and so on. So it is ideal to damage or evacuate such applications.

Next choice, you need to go to factory reset.

If nothing from what was just mentioned specified techniques work for you, then you check some other working battery, as Motorola's battery could likewise be the reason for the issue.

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