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Services in Moto Mobile

Services in Moto Mobile

Mother Board Replacement

Issues - Moto Mobile Motherboard

The motherboard, 'system board' or 'main board', is the foundation of Motorola Mobile. All incorporated equipment (for instance the microchip and RAM) is appended on its surface, and because of it the association between the different parts of your mobile is made conceivable. Obviously, would one say one is of the most imperative segments of any electronic device?

If you presume your Motorola Moto motherboard is damaged, you need to watch, since it is the most genuine damage that can happen in Moto device and can keep you from utilizing it. Despite race to consider that the damage is hopeless.

You will get the solution from the following steps for charging issues.


  • Moto Mobile is Dead
  • Waterlog damage
  • IC short issues
  • Screen is blank
  • Not Charging Moto Mobile

Reasons of Issues

  • Broken connector on the motherboard
  • Mobile doesn't control on, or it overheats.
  • Network loss
  • Any piece of your Moto is showing signs at glitch, still, you settled it and the new part is not at duty.
    For Example -
  • Your device is not charging.
  • The LCD screen is blank.
  • No camera is perceived.


We can discover even the most modest issue of glitch on the motherboard. We can repair any harm to the printed circuit board and change any flawed part or incorporated circuit, with a specific end goal to reestablish the great operation of your motherboard.

Because of the quintessence of the issue, the particular time and overhauling expenses are suggestive and can not be foreordained, as they swing to specifically on the overabundance of the harm.

Equipment Solution

  • After opening the body of your Moto mobile, Next, Remove the microSD card, Battery and SIM Card.
  • After opening the body of your Moto mobile, Next, Remove the microSD card, Battery and SIM Card.
  • Disconnect the earphone jack cable connector.
  • Disconnect the speaker cable connector.
  • Use the flat end of a spade to separate the back facing camera connector.
  • Using tweezers, or your pointers, slide the back facing camera out of its mark in the motherboard.

The majority of the above steps will emphatically help you to alter your Moto Mobile Motherboard issues in the most ideal way. Something else, Replace the Moto Motherboard to your mobile. In the wake of fixing the parts in your mobile.

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