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Services in Moto Mobile

Services in Moto Mobile

Step by step instructions to Solve Moto Audio Jack Issues


  • No Sound in Earphones.
  • Low Sound.
  • Distorted Sound.
  • Unbalanced Sound in every headphone.

Reasons of Issues

  • Your earphones/headphones may be harm.
  • Pins may have lost coherence or associations with their relating curls, capacitors or diodes.
  • The issue additionally emerges because of losing contact between sound jack strip and the sound jack's locally available connector.
  • Audio Jack thusly may have gotten to be harmed, because of clean, physical damage, water damage.


  • Check volume settings for earphones.
  • Restart Mobile and check.
  • Check with some other working earphones, on the off chance that you don't get any issue in earphones then change earphones and check. In the event that it is no issue then the following you go to the equipment arrangement.

Equipment Solution

  • The main thing that you have to do to evacuate and re-fix sound jack strip and check, the generally issue is loose between Audio Jack strip and Audio Jack connector.
  • Check any running Audio Jack, for the most part your Audio Jack is broken, and so you can do keeping in order to replace it with a working one.
  • Now affix every one of the pins of Audio Jack connector and check.
  • Check progression between tenth Pin of sound jack locally available connector, Coil – 1 and after that at long last with Diode.

Every one of the steps are clearly going to alter the issue, in the event that any of the capacitor or coils is observed to be defective then change it promptly, as there is no other arrangement than that. More often than not, Audio Jack issue in Moto doesn't happen, however when it does some fundamental steps are very entire to fix the issue in the best way.

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